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Coming Up!!


Santa Rosa RallyCross Practice Session- September 21st.

Registration OPENS on Wednesday, September 4th at 6:00pm; practice is limited to 30 entries on a first-come, first-served basis.  To register click here.


Santa Rosa RallyCross (SR2)- September 22nd.

This is the SR2 event that is being rescheduled from the May 19th event that was rained out.

Registration OPENS on Wednesday, September 4th at 6:00pm; the race is limited to 80 entries on a first-come, first-served basis.  To register click here.



We are still finalizing the second half of our Rallycross season, but mark your calendars for the following dates and events.   Stay tuned for registration information that will be available once we finalize all of the details.

  • TH1 is tentatively scheduled for October 13th.

  • SR4 is tentatively scheduled for November 17th, with a practice day on November 16th.


The 2019 NCRX Championship standings have been updated to reflect the results of SR3 on June 30th. 

Click on the link below...

March 10: Rallycross at Prairie City (CRS & NCRX)

March 29-30: Primitive Racing Rally School

March 31: Rallycross at Santa Rosa (NCRX)

April 20-21: Practice Day at Prairie City

April 21: Rallycross at Prairie City (NCRX)

May 19: Rallycross at Santa Rosa (CRS & NCRX)- Postponed

May 25: Rally Trials at Prairie City- Cancelled

May 26: Prairie City RallyCross (CRS & NCRX)- Cancelled

June 29: Practice Day at Santa Rosa

June 30: Rallycross at Santa Rosa (CRS & NCRX)

September 21: Practice Day at Santa Rosa

September 22: Rallycross at Santa Rosa (CRS & NCRX)

October 13: Rallycross at Thunderhill (NCRX)

November 16: Practice Day at Santa Rosa

November 17: RallyCross at Santa Rosa (CRS & NCRX)

November (date TBD): Prairie City (CRS & NCRX)


Rallycross (or RallyX) is an easily accessible and affordable extreme sport held on an unpaved plot of land where a course is marked out with traffic cones. Cars run one at a time against the clock and have the opportunity to drift and powerslide through the dirt with very little risk of hitting anything tougher than a rubber cone.


All you need to compete is a regular car* and the entry fee. We have loaner helmets available and love to help new people get started. Just ask any questions you might have!


*Cars need to be hardtops. Cages are not required but you will occasionally see them in pictures because some competitors also use their cars for stage rally.   Convertibles are required to compete with the factory hardtop.




For the NorCal RallyCross (NCRX) Championship, we will be following the most current California Rally Series (CRS) RallyCross Championship rules with the exception of car classification.  Instead of following the CRS RallyCross Classes we will be using the most current SCCA defined Vehicle Classifications plus we will be running a new class called "Limited".  


For CRS Championship Rules please see:



For vehicle classifications, please see Article 3 of the latest SCCA RallyCross Rules found here:




Limited: drivers may elect to enter into the limited class, in lieu of the SCCA classes, the only requirement is that the car has to be running on all season tires; 2-wheel drives (L2) will be separated from 4-wheel drives (L4).  


2019 NCRX Championship