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As the time of events nears, we will post registration links, directions and schedules here. Check back here or better yet, "Like" our Facebook Page or join the discussion on the Dirty Impreza Forums to stay up to date.

Just getting started? Check out our RallyCross FAQ section!



2017 Season schedule is here!

Check out the dates in the box above and try to fit as many of them as you can into your calendar since this year we will add up the scores across events so we can have a 2017 NorCal RallyCross Championship! We are working on 1 or 2 other events we hope to be able to accounce later.



May27-28: Prairie City 2nd Annual SCCA RallyTrials and RallyCross:

Sunday May 28th will be a regular SCCA RallyCross

Of course "regular" at Prairie City is nothing but. The events are held just a week after the entire 4x4 area is graded smooth for the park's big motocross race! It'll be a fun course with plenty of elevation changes and natural features. There will be free camping available both Friday and Saturday night and since Prairie City is a state park, the price can't be beat!


Price for the Rally Cross will be $50 if you pre-register, with a $10 discount for SCCA member. You can pre-register here.


Saturday May 27th will be the SCCA RallyTrials

What are RallyTrials?: Halfway between RallyCross and Stage Rally. Higher speeds than a RallyCross on a much longer course with more runs. Last year, in the 2nd Annual Prairie City Rally Trials, each run took about 4 minutes to complete and each driver got 6 runs!


What's the catch?: The cars have to have some safety equipment. Generally a roll bar supplemented by two braces, 5-point harnesses, and a fire extinguisher. Click on the pre-registration link below for links to the rule books.


Price for the Rally Trials will be $200 if you pre-register. (This will include a free entry to the RallyCross on Sunday) There is also a $10 discount for SCCA members. You can pre-register here.

- April 28-30: Santa Rosa Primitive Rally School and RallyCross

- May 27-28: Prairie City 3rd Annual SCCA RallyTrials and RallyCross

- September TBD: Santa Rosa RallyCross and Practice Day

- November 11-12: Prairie City 2 Day RallyCross with night runs


Rallycross (or RallyX) is an easily accessible and affordable extreme sport held on an unpaved plot of land where a race course is marked out with traffic cones. Cars run one at a time against the clock and have the opportunity to drift and powerslide through the dirt with very little risk of hitting anything tougher than a rubber cone.


All you need to compete is a regular car* and the entry fee. We have loaner helmets available and love to help new people get started. Just ask any questions you might have!


*Cars need to be hardtops. Cages are not required but you will occasionally see them in pictures because some competitors also use their cars for stage rally. Convertibles can compete with the factory hardtop.