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Welcome to the SCCA RallyCross and Rally Trials School at Prairie City.


Is this your first RallyCross?  Are you inconsistent in your finish results from event to event or from site to site? Do you want to improve your lap times, but are at a loss on how to?


We can help!  Whether you drive a front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or all wheel drive you can get answers to all of these questions and more from our pool of experienced RallyCross instructors. Our instructor pool includes SCCA National Champions as well as California Rally Series (CRS) Rookies of the Year in rally.


Below is a summary of information for the school, for more event details and information click on: myautoevents.


Practice Only, no Instructor            

RallyCross- $10 a lap, the course will be 60-70 second run length                  

RallyTrials- $20 a lap, the course will be 2-3 minutes run length


Instruction & Practice: In car and outside instructor input  

RallyCross- $140                


Instruction elements: Skidpad, Slalom, Scandanavian flick turn, threshold braking, wet car control (mud).


Expectations for students: Learn what to look for when walking the course, learn how to follow the course and not get lost, learn how to read road conditions, and what to look for when choosing a line.  We will also teach you what being a course worker means during our drivers meeting.


Beginners-What is RallyCross? It’s more than just autocross in the dirt, it’s more like autocross in the rain, but dirtier.  Learn the basics of car control and what factors can improve or be a detriment to car performance.


Intermediate-Build on the basics of car control, learn driving skills that require more focus inside and outside the car and also implement car preparation.


Advanced-Fine tune driving skills that have been learned to this point and learn car prep that can improve both driver and car


As the time of each event nears, we will post registration links, directions and schedules here.

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Just getting started? Check out our RallyCross FAQ section!

We are still in the planning stages for our full 2018 season, but we have the following dates planned:


March 10: RallyCross/Rally Trials School at Prairie City

March 11: Prairie City RallyCross (CRS & NCRX points)

April 27-28: Primitive Racing Rally School, Santa Rosa

April 29: Santa Rosa RallyCross (CRS & NCRX points)

May 26-27: Prairie City

November: Prairie City (date TBD)






Rallycross (or RallyX) is an easily accessible and affordable extreme sport held on an unpaved plot of land where a course is marked out with traffic cones. Cars run one at a time against the clock and have the opportunity to drift and powerslide through the dirt with very little risk of hitting anything tougher than a rubber cone.


All you need to compete is a regular car* and the entry fee. We have loaner helmets available and love to help new people get started. Just ask any questions you might have!


*Cars need to be hardtops. Cages are not required but you will occasionally see them in pictures because some competitors also use their cars for stage rally.   Convertibles are required to compete with the factory hardtop.




For the NorCal RallyCross (NCRX) Championship, we will be following the most current California Rally Series (CRS) RallyCross Championship rules with the exception of car classification.  Instead of following the CRS RallyCross Classes we will be using the most current SCCA defined Vehicle Classifications plus we will be running a new class called "Limited".  


For CRS Championship Rules please see:



For vehicle classifications, please see Article 3 of the latest SCCA RallyCross Rules found here:




Limited: drivers may elect to enter into the limited class, in lieu of the SCCA classes, the only requirement is that the car has to be running on all season tires; 2-wheel drives (L2) will be separated from 4-wheel drives (L4).